Technical specifications





Serial number in our collection


Set Position


Sequence number of the released position


Position size


Level of difficulty

(A: Amateur, P: Professional)

Color of painting

Beautiful aesthetic look. The degree of gloss is 11-35%.

RAL 2002



RAL 5015

Sky blue


RAL 1018

Zinc Yellow


RAL 6029

Mint green


RAL 1013

Pearl White


RAL 9005

Black amber



The volumes are made by molding fiberglass and catalyzed polyester resin. Upon completion of curing and aging, baking the mold, a volume texture is created - a polyurethane coating is applied and sprinkled with microcalcite in a fraction about 0.2 mm. The internal surface of the volume is painted with a polyurethane coating of the same color, minimizing the environmental impact of residual vapors of fiberglass.

Volume fixing points keep

metal inserts.

Materials have certificates of conformity

and safety data sheets.


The texture of our volumes is the perfect combination of grip and friction, excellent tactility. We create a balance between excessive abrasiveness and velvety, reducing abrasion and preventing  loss of friction because of the chalk.

In our collection there are climbing volumes 

with a double texture.

Installation and fixation

Before installation it is necessary to check the volume for the presence of chips and cracks. The route setter must use the appropriate fixing system required for this volume, pay attention to the degree of wear of the fastening system and change it in time. Before and after fixing, the route setter checks the degree of adherence of the volume to the surface. The fixation must be done in all required fixing points.

Supplied with screws for fixing volumes, to choose: 

5x50 mm POZIDRIVE or Phillips;

4,5x50 mm  TORX.


The tightening torque

of the screws 4,5-5,0 mm

is varies within 16-19 Nxm.

It is allowed to install a climbing holds on the volumes at the specified fixing points with M16 DIN 912 hexagon bolts. When installing the screw holds on the volumes, it is preferable to use polyurethane holds, while ensuring that the hold base is fully fitted to the surface of the volume, use certified 3,5 mm screws.

Avoid the hard touch of the rope to

the surface volume when setting routes

of  lead climbing.

Operation and maintenance

Volumes designed for sport climbing.

The route setter must regularly check the degree the volume fixation, as well as inspect the surface for chips and cracks. The period of inspections is not regulated and is chosen by the setter depending on the climbing center workload. Installed volumes should be regularly cleaned with a dry brush (with a non-metallic pile). Removed Volumes must be removed once a year and gently cleaned with warm water no more than 40°C, jet pressure must be no more than 50 bar (distance from the nozzle more than 30 cm), without any detergent. Natural drying. Carefully remove the volumes from the wall, paying attention to the size and weight, do not drop them. Store them in a dry ventilated room in the temperature range of +10...+30°C on the shelves. Volume transportation must be done in a rigid package with a reliable fastening.

Service life - 20 (twenty) years.

Repair and recycling

The volumes with bundles of fiberglass and chips or cracks are not allowed to use, they are subject to utilization (Recycling code #95). At the end of the service life the volumes must be utilized.

Logo and lable

Glued on the inside surface of the volume.

End date life:



Volumes for climbing 

Product quality and warranty

The quality of the volumes stated in the contract corresponds to the characteristics of the goods of this kind and the period of use.

The warranty for the new volume is 6 (six) months from the date of purchase. Warranty obligations apply to the cases specified in the warranty card and if the customer follows all the installation and operation instructions. Letter of claim on the fact of marriage (shortage) of goods.

Our volumes meet the requirements of ГОСТ Р 58066.3-2018 Climbing wall (climbing center). Part 3. Safety requirements and testing methods for climbing holds.

Our volumes meet the requirements of ГОСТ ISO 8124-3-2014

Safety of toys. Part 3. Migration of certain elements.

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