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Climbing volume

The date of  Order execution is negotiated with the Buyer individually, depending on the characteristics and quantity.
Рельефы дляскалолзаия


The volumes are made by molding fiberglass and catalyzed polyester resin. Upon completion of curing and aging, baking the mold, a volume texture is created - a polyurethane coating is applied and sprinkled with microcalcite in a fraction about 0.2 mm. The internal surface of the volume is painted with a polyurethane coating of the same color, minimizing the environmental impact of residual vapors of fiberglass.
The texture of our volumes is the perfect combination of grip and friction, excellent tactility. We create a balance between excessive abrasiveness and velvety, reducing abrasion and preventing  loss of friction because of the chalk.
Feel yourself on the rocks, improve the climbing style on our climbing forms!